<em>Cuéntame</em>: The promise of qualitative research with Latinx populations.

A recent content analysis of the Journal of Latina/o Psychology (Delgado-Romero, Stanley, & Oh, 2017) reflected the increasingly important role that qualitative research methods play in the development of Latinx psychology. This finding parallels the paradigmatic shift in the field of psychology (Gergen, Josselson, & Freeman, 2015; Ponterotto & Grieger, 2007) toward a balance between quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry. In this article, the authors examine the unique promise that qualitative research can play in advancing multicultural psychology (Hall, Yip, & Zárate, 2016) relative to Latinx populations (e.g., Ojeda, Flores, Meza, & Morales, 2011), with the overlay of critical perspectives (Solórzano, & Bernal, 2001) in Latinx Psychology. We focus on the culturally consistent ways that qualitative research may empower Latinx populations and aim to give voice to their stories. We review best practices in qualitative research grounded by integrating Latinx cultural values and offer guidance for researchers considering qualitative research methods with Latinx populations. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)