Ground Rules

Ground Rules

Postby dr.bisconti » February 27th, 2011, 7:31 am

In order to understand the answers to the many dark questions posed in this forum certain things must be true.

1. You must be old enough. The ability to understand is not fully developed until a certain point in life. For most people this is around twelve years of age. A very, very few people do not fully develop this ability until they are in their twenties. A tiny handful of people fully develop this ability as early as age five. These are the geniuses and super geniuses. We hasten to add that coping mechanisms are not at all developed in these geniuses and super geniuses at this age. They develop coping mechanisms at the same rate as anyone else.

2. Your brain must be free of toxins. You must not have any toxic substances in your brain, which include but are not limited to alcohol, illegal drugs, and legal drugs.

3. You must know how to distinguish fact from fiction.

4. You must know the difference between knowledge and belief. (Certain questions require the study of a science with a long and intimidating name but that is actually easily understood by most people. This science is called empirical epistemology. Our version of empirical epistemology is pneumiatric empirical epistemology.)

5. All pain is not extrinsically (when considered in the light of circumstances) evil (bad). All pain is not extrinsically evil. For example, during the Civil War soldiers had to endure, with the aid of deliberate intoxication if possible, the sawing off of a leg at the knee because of gangrene. The alternative was their horrific death from gangrene. In this case, the pain of amputation was less than the pain of horrific death.

6. We never ask you to believe something "just because the Bible says it is true" (note quotes). Note that we do believe the Bible and may provide biblical answers in one or more footnotes of our commentary but we are reaching out to everyone and not everyone believes the Bible. Therefore, our main discussions center around common knowledge, common sense, "advanced common knowledge," and "advanced common sense." Note that biblical content, when viewed as purely human writing, falls under the category of common knowledge or advanced common knowledge. For example, the statement that God created the earth is a statement of belief but the statement that the Bible says that God created the earth is a statement of common knowledge (in certain parts of the world).

7. You must know that belief can be fact.

8. You must be able to distinguish belief that is fact from belief that is not fact.

We will continue when we have the time.


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